Vegan Swap Roadmap

How we plan to evolve VeganSwap.Finance!

Since we launched the Vegan yield farm, we quickly moved on to many amazing things.

We have huge plans for the VEGAN token, and one of our main goals is to create a perpetual deflation token, that allows a constant price pump with a sufficient burn mechanism.

March 2021

  • Launch VeganSwap;
  • Launch Pools;
  • Listing on Coingecko, Pancakeswap, Coinmarketcap, Dappradar.
  • Announce partnerships. The BSC community is just beginning to blow up and we don’t want to only have Vegan on the moon.

April 2021

  • Listing on exchanges
  • Launch a one-of-a-kind burning mechanism “Detox”. We came up with the layered farming system to address the issue of inflation.
    Every 10 days, a new layer “Vegan x Layer” token will be issued, and our community will be able to craft it in order to benefit from the high APY with a low Circulation supply token. More details are coming soon…

May 2021

  • Launch high return yield farming on BSC

June 2021

  • VeganSwap AMM Exchange

July 2021

  • VeganSwap IDO platform

August 2021

  • Launch Lotteries. The lottery is not only an opportunity to win some VEGANs but also a series of bets to maintain the value of the token.
  • Add VEGAN Governance;

Q3 2021

  • NFT: Non Fungible Tokens
  • VEGAN Exchange (AMM just like Pancake Swap)

Q4 2021

  • Vaults and AutoFarm

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VeganSwap is a eco-friendly yield farming and DeFi aggregator on Binance Smart Chain.